And just when I thought i was all buntingd out!!!!

Bunting. Bunting. Bunting. Yes its very cool right now, I know. It seems that if you don't read Frankie or have bunting hanging up in your lounge room you're just not very hip these days. Bunting has become so popular that I wondered if I was starting to get a bit over it...until I went to England.

There was literally bunting hanging everywhere we went. In shops, streets, whole towns, houses, churches, even my brother in laws wedding. I totally realised that in England there is no "less is more" attitude for Bunting. More is more!!  And, the best bit about it all....it wasnt hip. It wasn't only cool people hanging up bunting. Bunting is sometimes hung up by sweet old ladies. Bunting is sometimes made out of crappy plastic, bought from the discount shops and strung up all over town. Bunting is made much more randomly then what we see here, and not always sewn straight. Bunting is sometimes bits of paper stapled onto string.

So, I've come back with a new passion for bunting. I'm going to make more of it, and worry less about it looking perfect. I'm going to embrace the "more is more" spirit and see how much bunting I can surround our family in before Mr. Coleman cracks it!! I'm going to try different shapes, sizes and materials and be much less fussy.

I've set myself a challenge to make a new bunting-type thing each season (thats 4 times a year.) Shoud be easy right? I'm starting my Spring one soon, in time to hang up for Miss Coleman's Birthday party in October.

In the meantime, enjoy some pics of Bunting from our recent holiday. I'll keep you posted on the Bunting challenge!

Love Mezz


  1. Loved the pics...then I love Britain with all its Britishness, including bunting! Also loved your previous photos of flowers. And that's only a snippet of creation for us to enjoy. xo

  2. There isn't usually that much bunting in Britain. it's only because it's Jubilee year that it is everywhere. Usually it comes out for St George's Day and perhaps village summer fetes. Oh and cool garden parties LOL!