Mr Coleman rocks!!

It's my Birthday today. Yes, lucky me. I wanted to show you something my lovely husband whipped up for my present.. He really is a clever guy, and I love that he bothered to make me a purse after my last one was recently stolen. Nice. It's a great to sight to watch Mr. Coleman at the sewing machine. He somehow manages to do it like a complete and utter...man. He stands up as he sews, and will finish a project the SAME DAY HE STARTS IT, unlike me, I have about 15 unfinished things on the go at all times.

Other nice things today have been breakfast in bed brought in by my awesome kids, morning tea with my brother and nephew, watching a Miss Marple this afternoon, enjoying a Turkish cheese and spinach Boreck for lunch down in Foostcray, and picking some beautiful flowers for myself on my walk home.

I'm still looking forward to a community meal with friends tonight, some yummy cheese and chocolate that Mr. Coleman and I will share once the kids have gone to bed, and dinner with my family on Saturday. This birthday is a fairly insignificant number, but I'm still loving the excuse to catch up with friends and fam and do nice thngs!!

Mezz x


  1. Happy birthday, my lovely sister. So sorry we didn't call, by the time we came into phone range, it was too late to call. We will be home tomorrow night and I will try to call on the weekend. By the way, your Mr is very clever!!

    1. thanks nic...by the way, i have so loved your pics of your trip up north! hope you have had the best time xxxx