Welcome, little man!

Congratulations to my little brother Pete, and his wife Taz on the arrival of their brand new son! He (I won't tell you his name, I feel weird about putting kids names out there in internet land) is wonderful, and is also the spitting image of my own little Coleman Jnr when he arrived 6 years ago. Meeting my newest nephew was quite surreal...I felt like I was meeting my newborn son again!

On a more creative note, I quickly whipped up a card to welcome our little nephew taking the lyrics by Kev Carmody and Paul Kelly as my inspiration "from little things, big things grow" and cooked up a chicken casserole for mama and papa.

Pete and Taz are both wonderfully creative people, so I thought I'd take the opportunity of celebrating their bubba to plug their creative pursuits as well! Pete is a musician and you can hear tracks from both of his albums here. (I sang backing vocals for a few tracks, which was fun.)  Taz writes the lovely blog Butter and Buntings, mostly about her sewing and baking. She's one creative lady!

Anyway, they're both great! And the newest member of their family is pretty darn great too!


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