yay! Christmas cards!!

Here are the Christmas Cards I've made to send out to friends and family this year. Am I allowed to be so in love with something I've made? What does that make me??!

The real reason I'm loving these cards has nothing to do with my crafting abilities really. I kept the design super simple, just a cut out love heart and "Merry Christmas" stamp. No, the reason these cards make me smile is becasue of the lovely music book I used for all my hearts.

I found this Christmas carol book recently in the Op Shop for 50c. I have A LOT of Christmas music already, so didn't need the book for the music. I grew up with the exact same Carol book at my mum and dad's house, and have very fond memories of my dad playing guitar while we sang from the book together, and then as I got older being able to play the piano and sing the carols myself, and feeling pretty darn clever!!

The pictures in the book are so cute, and bring back lovely feelings and memories as a kid for me....

So how could I not chop it all up and make some sweet, simple cards??

Feeling a bit festive already!!

Mezz xx


  1. such a lovely idea...something personal that you are sharing with your friends and family...good job...easy but beautiful...

  2. Ooooh. They're awesome. I love them!!!

  3. Lovely lovely! The little red headed boy with yellow shirt and green pants is totally Percy!

  4. thanks for the love guys...xx

  5. They just are awesome Mezz!!!

  6. ....and we're still using the book you remember so well! It cost 98cents at Kmart all those years ago. Think we got our money's worth!!! xo

  7. Oh I had this carol book as a kid too! I feel all nostalgic and Christmassy now....they look ace!