our "new" couch

We have had a fold out couch the last few years which has definitely seen better times. It was given to us second hand, and has served us (and some guests) well, but sometimes you juts need to admit defeat and realise when something is totally too stuffed to fix!

The solution? Mr. Coleman built a new couch using 6 milk crates that we found left out on the streets down in Foostcray. He then used the foam from the old couch to make new couch cushions, and then we covered them with cute fabric which we bought in Vietnam last year. I also just added the crocheted blanket which I found for $3 in the Op Shop near my work.

It's really comfy, and I love that we made it using what we could find. It's a nice spot to sit drinking tea, and looking out onto our backyard which is often full of neighbours playing soccer, or just watching the trams go by our place...

Mezz x

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  1. I love it mezz! Youve got me inspired now! We desperatly need a bigger couch...could ww make one me thinks now!?