Last years Christmas cards become this year's decorations!!

I love Christmas cards!! Yes, yes, I know...they're probably very bad for the environment and extremely cheesy, but oh how I love giving, making and receiving Christmas cards. But what to do with all those cards at the end of each year? Here's one idea…. I kept last year's cards and turned them into this year's Christmas garland to hang up to bring a bit of home made/up cycled Festive cheer.

All I did was….

Cut out circles from all the different cards (you could use whichever shape you like)

Chose a festive colour thread (green for me, thanks!)


Sew them all together in a long line.


This is so super easy (and addictive!) I can see myself making more of these over the next few weeks in preparation for December!!!

Any other ideas on how to reuse Christmas cards?



  1. Great idea and use of old cards Mezz......looks great.

    Claire :}
    PS 3rd try at using word verification, surely my eyesight's no that bad!!

    1. yes, i often have trouble with the word verification too! thanks for persisting, i usually give up after the second go!!!! thanks for stopping by, i love your blog by the way!! mezz

  2. Hello Mezz - I'd love to email you about a very low key singing gig... wanna touch base on beth.l.locke@gmail.com ? Thanks! Beth :)

  3. What a fab idea! I often use last year's Christmas cards as gift tags for the next Christmas, just separate the two halfs and use the front as a tag (write on the back) and then you can either keep the part with the message on or just recycle it :)

  4. thanks guys...im really starting to feel a bit christmas-y!!

    mezz xoxoxo