Boiled Christmas pudding

Tomorrow is December 1st. Yes that's right, you heard me. I know some of you might find that piece of information quite scary, but relax!! Christmas time can get hectic, but what's the point if you're not enjoying it hey? I'm quite a Christmas fan, (not the horrible 24 hour shopping at Highpoint commercial type of Christmas, but the handmade, unrushed type of christmas full of special family rituals, music, and gathering with friends and community that we have created for ourselves...)..so just a warning, you might hear me crap on about it during the Advent season. I apologise if it's not your thing!!

Last week I made the pudding for our Christmas family get together. The recipe is taken from a very old Women's Weekly cook book. It took 6 hours to boil. I hope it's yummy, but if not I'm sure we can always lay on the custard and cream pretty thick!! Thought I'd share some pics.

Happy last day of Spring (if you're a southern hemisphere dweller, if not...hope it's not too freezing where you are!!)



  1. Yum!!! I cant wait to eat it either! Bet it smells great....you've inspired me to start cooking, next week while the weather is cooler.xo

  2. That looks really yummy! I'm loving the sound of your Christmas preparations Mezz - totally handmade and cool - just like it should be :) :)

  3. Whah! Looks delicious. Green with envy that we can't be there!

  4. thanks for the christmas pudding love.... im not getting too excited until ive actually tasted it christmas day!! ehres hoping it works out! xx

  5. can give the recipe, please

  6. good day

    My name is Ana, I live in Aveiro - Portugal

    can give the recipe, please

    all good for you

    thank you