Let's do an "Easy Peasy" Recipe Swap- Recipe #1

I love easy recipes. I'm not the world’s best cook, so throwing a few things together and coming up with the goods is always nice.

I thought we could do a bit of recipe sharing in the lead up to the silly season. It’s always nice to have a few quick tricks up our sleeves when things get manic. If you have a really yummy and super simple recipe that you want to share, you can email it (you can even include a pic if your very clever) to mezzcoleman@hotmail.com or if you post it on your blog let me know via a comment and I'll share with my readers. 

Shall we play?

Here's mine. It's Yummy, creamy and EASY potato salad.


Chop and boil as many potatoes as you want. Keep the skin on!!
Once slightly cooled, add as much mayo as you like, and then add:
Some chopped parsley
A diced red onion
Salt and pepper.

It can be eaten warm or cold, and its delicious! Perfect to bring to BBQ’s.


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  1. It really was delish! I went back for seconds! Ive shared a quick and easy baking post on my blog a while ago. You could share it if you wish!