Lots and lots of pretty things!

Hi there. I hope you've had a nice week. I certainly have, once again being reminded daily how lucky I am to have all the lovely people in my life I call friends and family. I have also been doing quite a lot of op shopping, and here are my most recent wonderful second hand finds (all bargains!!)

a woolly cardie for winter
A very cute Apron!

I thought I was buying this vintage sheet for $3.50, only to get home and open up the bundle they'd tied and realised there were 4 of them (Queen size!) I'm in vintage sheet heaven right now!
 Craft supplies...colourful and cute elastic, big buttons, doilies and velvet ribbon.
 Lovely sun hat for little Miss Coleman
 2 amazingly wonderful vintage (one even Australian!) handkerchiefs.

 a basket...
...which became our "Easter" basket.
 I found this very old and pretty vintage address book, amazingly its never been used so I can't wait to fill it and get busy posting letters to all my wonderful peeps!!

Old school recipe book
Don't you love when you find a second hand book, and out falls little cut outs and notes that the last owner had kept between the pages?!
I love the look of this typed up recipe for raspberry shortbread. Think I'll give it a go soon!
Before I go, thought I'd let you know that I have currently started using Instagram (shock horror!!) I'm trying to post a photo a day of whatever tickles my fancy. Feel free if Instagram is your thing to come find me! Look for mezzcoleman if you do!!
speak soon
PS thanks for all your feed back re Bloglovin. I will endeavour to set it up soon and let you all know so you can follow "MezzMakesStuff" with it if you wish.


  1. Wow, so many cool finds Mezz......love those vintage sheets and the basket.
    Fab dresses ,hope you get to wear them a bit before it turns too cold.
    You certainly do find some great bargains......enjoy your week.
    I've just signed up with Bloglovin and it's all very simple and going well...

    Claire x

    1. thanks claire..yes im sure ill get used to bloglovin!sorting it out is on my 'to do' list for this week!

      loading up on summer dresses was probably a silly thing to do with winter on its way.... hopefully its nothing a long sleeve shirt underneath and warm tights can't fix.

      speak soon xx

  2. Mezz you did good young lady those vintage sheets four of them OH MY and that basket love love love
    Daisy xxxx

    1. thanks!yes i was pretty excited when i realised id bought 4!

  3. Love your finds.....my favourite would be the basket...I know I need help with the amount of them I have.

    The recipe is a great find too...let us know if it tastes good.xxx

    1. i might try the recipe soon and post the results.frm what i can see it has plenty of butter and sugar, so i cant imagine it not being yum!

  4. Lovely finds Mezz ... the dresses are great ... Bee xx

  5. Love those dresses, but I'm IN LOVE with that sheet....so pretty! :) x

  6. i thought of u when i bought it!

  7. Some lovely finds there! I particularly love the pretty dresses.
    M xxx

  8. thanks!yes i seem to be developing quite an (unhealthy?) addiction to second hand dresses!

  9. Lovely finds mezz! Perhaps that basket could be used like mine to store a mountain of colourful yarn..I think it makes a pretty art piece in the home! xx

  10. yes!great minds think alike taz, i just did that yesterday...although i have to keep it up high out if little miss's reach!r u still up for picnic tomorrow btw?

  11. I think I have the matching dress to that sunhat! I picked the dress up off trademe, but it doesn't fit and am not crafty enough to later it. It's an Aussie size 14

    1. wow!is the dress handmade?the hat is.