The "5 Great Things" Project!!

I was sceptical and unimpressed by Mr. Internet for a very, very long time...But over the last 18 months I have slowly warmed to him, mostly due to writing this blog. The thing I've decided I like most about being connected online is the information sharing that happens. Recently I've been discovering, reading, and listening to lots of great things, so I thought I'd share 5 links with you that you too might enjoy too. Some of these are blogs, particular blog posts, websites, podcasts...just a whole bunch of awesome that's tickling my fancy!

(this was the first pic I ever posted, my handmade patchwork doona cover!)

If you enjoy this post and the links, I invite you to join the "5 Great things Project" by posting 5 great links on your blog.

1. One of my favourite crafty ladies Sweet Birdy Love is having a giveaway. You should definitely visit her blog and enter. She is from country Victoria and makes very beautiful stuff (even Mr. Coleman who isn't so into all these blogs I follow was impressed by her makes!!)

2. Another favourite blogger of mine, this time from the UK, Vintage Sheet Addict has written a post about living with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the family. This beautifully written post resonated very deeply with me. Please read.

3. Georgia Fields is a Melbourne singer/songwriter. Many moons ago we happened to go to High school together, and I have watched her music career with much interest since. She has a great way with words and recently wrote this blog post exploring why artists keep going... especially when the money isn't rolling in! A great post for any artist, musician, writer, crafter or creative soul to read!

4. Did you know I have an older brother called John? And he writes a blog too? In fact, he has been writing much longer then I have! Under the pseudonym, The Holy Boot, he blogs about being a crazy Footy fan (Aussie rules). It's very well written with lots of warmth. It's about footy, but without all the macho sexist crap!! Even if footy isn't your thing you should pay him a visit....or maybe tell a fella about it!

5. If you love reading you should most definitely listen to JoMad. These hour long podcasts are made right in Melbourne by two writers and readers. They chat about all things books, and each podcast has a different guest, who is usually a writer. Here's the crazy coincidence- I listened to a few of these podcasts last year, and then discovered recently that one of the people on it is my son's grade 1 teacher!!

So I hope you enjoy these 5 links to cool things. I think I will do posts like this from time to time, so please tell of any cool things you find online! And feel free to join the fun on your own blog.

In other linky news, I have tried really hard to overcome my Social media fear this year! The motivation for this was my music "career," (not sure is career is the right word!!!) and also a general sense that I was "falling behind" a bit. I think it's interesting that a week into having a FB page I've now been a offered a great gig. Hmm...that's just how it works now! So here the ways you can find me all over internet land...

Mezz Coleman and the Family tree website
Mezz Coleman and the family Tree Facebook Page
Mezz Coleman Facebook Page
Mezz Coleman Twitter page

(and I'm on Instagram too, don't know how to link you to that! I'm @mezzcoleman if you're interested)

Mezz xx


  1. Cool news about a gig...the world certainly is a funny place these days. xxxx

  2. Mezz I think you music is brilliant and you should reach a lot more people through social media! Thank you for you comments over on mine, and your link too. I know you understand! :) x

  3. Another great idea Mezz and I so enjoyed reading it. It's mazing how a blog can offer so much and I too really enjoy the info sharing qualities of the Internet, especially seeing and learning so much about the essence of people through their blogs. So pleased to head FB has opened a door. You are so amazing can't wait to get my cd, waiting patiently. Xo. Ps loves Ada's post too!

  4. What a fab idea, my favourite thing was my lovely parcel this weekend. Your music is amazing we chilled out on Saturday evening with it. Have blogged about the parcel today so hopefully a few more people will come over to you and say hi. I already know Ada Bea so am off to check out your other favourites ... Sarah x

  5. So pleased that overcoming your social media fear is starting to pay off for you....looking forward to hearing more about the gig you've been offered. xo