Holidays and second hand souvenirs!

I always get such lovely comments form you all when I show you my Op shop finds, so thought I'd post some more second treasures!

A year ago we went to the UK for my brother in laws wedding, and had the most wonderful month long trip.  The first thing we asked my brother in law Alex when we arrived in Banbury where he lives was, "do you have any Op Shops in town?" Firstly, he told us that they are called Charity Shops in the UK, and yes, Banbury had at least 8. HEAVEN! The Charity shops in the UK did not disappoint! After spending a bit of time with Alex and his soon to be wife, Vanessa, we  hired a car and travelled around lovely England and Wales. Stopping in many places, and visiting many Charity shops along the way!

We found many souvenirs for our trip in the local Charity Shops. Searching for them was  so much more fun then just buying from over priced and tacky gift stores! We met lots of lovely locals who liked our Aussie accents and couldn't quite understand why we were spending our holiday in their Charity Shops. I was very impressed with the quality and prices, and had to say (sorry Australia!) that the experience on whole was a little better then Op Shopping in Australia (but then again, I was on holiday.... and everything is better on holidays!)

Thought I'd share some of the souvenirs from our trip, all from local Charity shops in the towns we visited.

from Banbury,
a vintage map of Banbury and the surrounding villages.
From West Yorkshire,
an 80's Royal tin.
Us Aussies don't quite know what to make of the royal family, but  couldn't resist this.
from London,
 a "British bulldog" thimble
(ps- I have no memory of ever being blond, but apparently I was!)
from Haworth,
 a book on the area and the Brontes
From a cute little village in Wales
( Coleman Jnr broke his arm here so I got a bit stressed
and can't remember the name of this place,)
 this tray.
From Liverpool,
this book with great pics!
From the Cotswolds area,
another tray
and from Bath,
just after going to the Jane Austen Centre I found one of her novels in the nearby Charity Shop!
These last 2 things were actually found in Op Shops back in Australia. The tray was 50c, and I'd seen them in gift shops in the UK for much more then that! And I saw so many  cute tea pots like this on out trip, I really wanted to buy one but we were worried about it breaking on the flight home. I found this not long after we'd returned home, making my holiday feel complete!!
It's almost a year since our holiday, and I'm keen for another one as I've been reminiscing about it a lot recently! Shame it costs so much to take a family overseas!! Oh well, maybe another year! Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post and I encourage you to check out the local thrift shops next time you're on holiday!!
mezz x


  1. I ALWAYS go into charity shops, whichever town I'm in, got some lovely much wanted things this week, but the best has to be my new typewriter! My girls aren't too keen on them, some fragrant smells, but they can be persuaded by the book shelf......well usually! :) x

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  2. Really, charity shopping better than op shopping? I'm always green with envy at all the fabulous stuff I see the Aussie ladies buying. But you're right, it's always better when you're on holiday. I like your tray obsession - I have one too! xx

  3. Ahh..such nice photos! You know me and my rosebud holiday opshop fest...doing it again this year!

  4. Our charity shops are fab, but I always thought the Australian op shops sounded so much better. So wonderful that you brought all your souvenirs second-hand it's a wonderful idea. Sarah x

  5. thanks everyone!! to my uk readers, yes I really think your charity shops outclass our aussie op shops (but to be fair, there all awesome!) I thought they were quite cheap, but that could be more to do with our strong aussie dollar at the moment? no that I understand such things!! x

  6. This is so interesting - from my UK perspective it seems like the prices and possibilities are always so much better in Aussie Op Shops! But then again I think I just live in an expensive place & the prices reflect that. Still I've found some good bargains lately simply because I'm on maternity leave and can trawl more often (I think that's why). When I was a teenager buyers were less savvy and there were way more bargains. I remember getting a Dior shirt and Levi's jeans (the ultimate desirable jeans in those days) for £1 each. I've only been to Australia once and sadly didn't op shop any souvenirs. I'll put this right if I ever go again for sure! I love the idea of thrifty second-hand holidaying!

  7. We loved having you! You're welcome to come charity shopping here again any time :) X&V