Refugee Week

Did you know that this week is Refugee Week?

I'm pretty passionate about Refugees in Australia, especially Asylum Seekers who get a lot of negative press from the mainstream media. My family and I have had the absolute privilege of living with different asylum seekers in a community house over the past few years. Women and children who have fled their homelands in hope of a safer and better life here in Australia. It breaks my heart that many of these people have not be welcomed well into our country.

A few years ago I was commissioned to write a song about Asylum Seekers. The idea was to give a human voice to what had become a disturbingly faceless political issue. I recorded it but never received a copy so except for live performances I haven't been able to share this song with my fans. I decided to go on an internet land search the other day (googled myself!) and found it on an American Salvation Army music sharing website!!! Who knew.

Please click on the link below and listen to the song I wrote (with the help of Byron Coleman and Melissa Bantock) called "Hands Tied", and if you  are interested to get the real facts on Asylum Seekers (not the dubious "Today Tonight" version) please visit the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre website, a wonderful almost completely volunteer run organisation.


Happy Refugee week to you all!

My housemate is growing her own food!


  1. I think you do a fantastic job, yes they do get a bad press and its a shame, there are so many displaced people in this world, I'm glad the at least have a little refuge with you! :) x

  2. Hey Mezz, loved the song......still enjoying listening to your CD in my car. Gets me to my destination with a smile on my face.
    The refugee issue is a heartbreaking one, I wish the pollies would sit down and talk and come up with a workable solution. But sadly I think that's never going to happen......
    You do a great job, I'm sure the refugees you work with consider themselves very fortunate to have found you and your family.

    Claire x

  3. Thanks ladies for your positive comments. i'm glad you enjoyed the song! xx