SIMPLE CRAFT #1... Winter Wrist Warmers!!

Winter is here! That means its time for some SIMPLE CRAFT because there is nothing better then popping on a favourite DVD, drinking large amounts of tea and indulging in some mindless crafting during these cooler months, hey?

Yesterday I made some cute little fingerless gloves (or are they wrist warmers?? I don't know!!)

I used a felted woollen cardigan (a washing machine "incident") Oops!

To make the gloves, I simply cut the ends of the sleeves off to the size I wanted. I then cut a little hole for my thumbs.

And that's it!!

I still have most of the cardigan left, so I'm already thinking of what else to make with it! fun, fun!I love working with felted wool, it's easy to sew...and cute! And I might even fool the odd person into believing that I have actually knitted or crocheted something, when in fact I have not!  I'll be back soon with some more simple crafts!!

What simple & creative ideas have you come up with recently??



  1. Aren't you clever!! Love it and here's me thinking are they knitted, wow!! Looking forward to see what your doing eith the rest of it. Xo

  2. Well I'd never have thought that one up! Have you seen Used-to-bes blog she made a million things out of an old jumper, well slight exaggeration but I was amazed what she did do! :) x

  3. cute..I made a softie (the body) from a similarly accidently felted baby cardigan:)

  4. haha how cute! when i clicked on your link from blogger i was thinking, those are knitted, how is that simple. and then i said a-ha!

  5. hi lovely ladies!! sorry that I tricked a few of you into thinking I was a clever knitter!!!!! xx

  6. You could make mug cozies with the rest? :) http://pinterest.com/mbtm/mug-cozy-ies/