Weekend Opshopping and an exciting New Project!!!!!

On Saturday I went Opshopping with the fam. We all found a few treasures, thought I'd share what I found for yours truly.

And my best find for the day. Brand new Cath Kidston sandals. In my size. I paid $6, the price tag was still on, they cost someone 28 pounds. Anyone know the rough conversion??? I love Cath Kidston stuff, but never buy it new, so was pretty chuffed with this Op shop score!
Joining in again with Blackbird has Spoken's Op shop Show Off
In some very exciting news, my sister in law Taz and I have decided to venture into the world of independent magazine making!!! Inspired by many of our favourite UK crafty mags, and also the Melbourne independent zine scene, we are currently working on the starter issue of our brand new little mag, called "Hundreds and Thousands." Please head over to our blog and have a look. We are relying on word of mouth to get the word out, so feel free to share the news with your friends!! We hope that the magazine will be a great space for crafty and creative people to share, so in the future we will be hoping you may want to contribute an article or an idea!!!!! 
We are very excited, but also a little nervous as we haven't done anything like this before. I have put out CD's in the past, but never a magazine!! We invite you to hold our hands and be gentle with us on this new journey!!
Mezz x


  1. GORGEOUS!!!
    That sweater is so beautiful and 6 pounds for Kath? What? That's just amazing.
    I need to shop with you... I don't have that kind of luck, maybe you could bring me some!!

  2. ooh, those shoes are gorgeous, and an absolute steal! in fact that whole dress, cardi shoes outfit work together quite well don't they, what are the chances!
    Excited to hear about your magazine producing ambitions, off to have a wee gander right now...x

  3. Great finds and here's to great starts...all the best with the venture.

  4. Mag idea is fab! Love those saddles too! :) x

  5. Great op shop buys and good luck with your magazine venture.

  6. Lovely finds and the sandals are a great score with a great price too. Best of luck with your mag.

  7. Hi Mezz,

    Just incase you didn't see the reply on my blog, this place in the picture is Black Rock in Derbyshire Peak District, it has incredible views!

    & those Cath Kidston shoes are so pretty, and good luck with the magazine, its sounds like so much fun. Its always been a dream of mine to create my own magazine. I can't wait to read more about it!


  8. Nice one! OMG those sandals are really, really great!!! x

  9. Wow some amazing treasure hunting right there Mezz. I love it all. Just wishing that I had your luck with the funky threads! Good luck with the launch of your new Mag. Sounds like such and exciting project. Would love to make a contribution to your new mag some time in the near future. Checking it out now.


  10. Those Cath Kidston sandals are an amazing op shop score!! Well done!

  11. Those sandals, what a score! The magazine sounds super exciting too, good luck with it, can't wait to hear more about it!