Mini Vintage Wallpaper Welcome Bunting (wow, that was a mouthful!)

I have been gifted lots of gorgeous vintage wallpaper, and working my way through it! Some of the sheets have been used to make little booklets, cards and even a "scrapbook" for my daughters birthday coming up. I really wanted to use some of the paper in a way everyone could see it and oooo and aaaah at the pretty paper, hence this mini welcome bunting I made to hang in the window on the staircase leading up to our apartment.

Want to make one too? All you will need is:
With your pen draw diamond shapes onto the wallpaper.Your bunting flags will be half this size (triangles)
Cut your diamond shapes out.
Fold your diamonds in half, making perfect little bunting shaped triangles!!
Grab your string. You probably have something prettier then this, I only had this old brown stuff lying around.
Glue your diamonds onto the string, like this....
...until you've had enough!
Hang it up and wait for people to say "ooo and aaaah"
I later added letter stickers on mine, for extra fun times!
What creative stuff have you been getting up to recently?
mezz x


  1. So pretty. Love that there was no sewing involved..not that I dont love sewing, but you know! Ive got a nice little stash too, perhaps I will make one myself! xx

  2. I really like that! Bunting is becoming more popular in the States now and I love it, I adore that wall paper... we don't really use wall paper here in the States, which is a shame because I'd love some of that gorgeous paper!
    I love your welcome bunting!
    Tammy x

  3. thanks for the instructions, i like how quick & easy it is.
    last week i made bunting from lacy doilies, tablecloths & curtains i found at the op shop, to hang above the bed in the spare room that has had a makeover.

  4. Lovely idea and it looks fab!! Xo

  5. Guess what I'll be making, fab, fab, fab! :) x

  6. Looks fantastic and I think the string suits the vintage look.

  7. Another fab idea for my wallpaper stash ;) !!