Winter Upcycling Challenge!!!

My lovely sis in law Ash is hosting a wonderful Upcycling Crafty Challenge, its a great chance to get crafty AND help raise money for a wonderful organisation!! Click here for all details.

Promise me you'll check it out!!

Go now! Do it!

Mezz x

ps I had a pom pom making party on the weekend! It was great! I shall blog about it later in the week


  1. A pom pom making party? Holy moly that sounds awesome!

    I've come to visit from Meet Me At Mikes! I'm new to this blog shindig but I absolutely love reading about other people's crafty skills and will be adding your blog to my lists!

    -Laura x


  2. I am looking now....bestest D xx

    Ps Pom Poms oh my goodness....xxxx

  3. Oh who doesn't like some pom pom action?