Handmade Card Swap-it's a wrap!!

Thanks to everyone who took part in my Handmade Card Swap. It was so much fun! I loved making cards for my partners, and then even more excitingly, recieving pretty cards in the mail!! Woohoo!

It was so lovely to hear from the swappers about how much they've enjoyed making and creating, and most importantly, connecting with others. If you missed this one, I'm planning another swap with a Christmas theme for mid-October, so stay tuned!!

Below are some pics of handmade cards that got sent all over the globe as part of the swap. They are all so lovely and I hope they inspire you!! A lot of pics were also posted in Instagram, but my computer doesn't seem to like saving pictures from there, so the only photos I'm sharing here are those which I've taken or were emailed to me.

Some participant blogged about the swap, check out the links below. Make sure you check them out, they are all great bloggers!!


Hope this post has inspired you to get making and next time you want to give someone a card, consider making your own!!

Mezz xx

PS- If any participants blogged about this and I didn't share your link, let me know and I'll add your link to another post.


  1. Oh drats! I forgot to take a pic of the cards I made and sent... sorry Mezz.

  2. Lovely to glimpse other people's cards! Thanks for organising - lots of creativity galvanised!! Xx

    1. my pleasure, I had so much fun organising it..and it wasn't that hard!! your cards for kate were great btw xx

  3. Some really amazing cards you have there gal. I love how creative all these wonderful bloggy people are, just TREEEEEMENDOUS! xoxo

  4. Yes I forgot to take pics of the cards I made before I sent them.
    Love how colourful they all are. x

  5. Love them all! Colorful and happy! Thank you so much, Mezz, for organizing swap! It was fun )