Handmade 365

Well, I'm excited!!
Joining in with the inspiring Rachelle aka Ted and Agnes (co author of "Granny Chic"- probably my fav ever craft book) I am aiming to wear something handmade each and every day for a year!! It could be anything from a small handmade brooch to a full on handmade outfit. We are starting on October 1, and you can join in too if you like! Click here for all the deets.
I have never taken part in a "365 days" challenge before, and I'm sure that at some point I'll forget or feel uninspired, but I am looking forward to the challenge. I do wear a lot of handmade already, so hopefully it won't be too much a of a new thing! I will update Instagram daily, so if you haven't startedd following me over there please do, and I'll blog occasionally about it as well!

Wanna join us?? Sure will be fun!
Mezz xx


  1. Wow great challenge..those 365 are tricky to do but i think this one is right up your alley,xxxx

  2. Sounds fab Mezz!! I'm not sure I could do it gawd don't have that many handmade things. I'm going to enjoy watching yours. Speaking of 365 days I'm going to start a granny-along on the 1st of January with a year project, it would be fun, but more in that later this year. Xoxo

  3. What a challenge. If you really want to be inspired go over to Handmade by Carolyn she live is Aus and make the most stylish clothes, she has good tips on there too. Jo x

  4. Hi Mezz...Im on the edge of joining just need a bit more of a push....this post could of done just that!!
    bestest Daisy x

  5. That is a really great challenge! I will be reading with interest...
    M x

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