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Why, hello dear friends!!

Just a quick post to say sorry for my lack of blogging recently! I have been super busy. Not only with health stuff (migraines for me, croup and asthma for Miss 2), but with magazine making and music making.
I am at an interesting place with my music at the moment. Me and my band went really hard recording and performing for 5 years, and I was pretty exhausted after working on, launching and promoting our album, so took a break after Miss 2's birth.  Over the past 18 months I have played the odd "solo show", supported at times by my fantastic younger brother, Pete. I've been writing a lot this past year, and feel really ready to form a band again, and am currently thinking about how I want that to sound and look, and what dynamics will work for my music. It might be a bit different to the Mezz Coleman band line up you've heard in the past, so STAY TUNED!!
Scattered through this post are a few pics taken at my gig on the weekend. I'm wearing a thrifted dress found in Taipei (Taiwan) a few years ago, and a handmade doily hair pin. You can see how I made it here.
Before I go, just thought I d mention that its been so wonderful seeing all the handmade cards that have been floating through the mail due to the little swap I organised! I'm really inspired, and hope you are too! I am hoping to host another swap again soon!!

I'm sure I'll be back at the sewing machine soon too. Miss 2 will become Miss 3 in October, so I'm planning on getting busy with some handmade gift making and party decorating!!

Mezz xxx


  1. Well My Lovely, I for one think you are looking fab! Being creative, in so many ways is suiting you! :) x

  2. Great photos! That dress looks fantastic on you.
    M x

  3. All sounds very exciting. Live you dream Jo x

  4. All the best with the new stage of music making xxx

  5. I'm so pleased that your funding your music mojo and expressing it publicly! You're looking fab and i can't wait to hear it. Maybe a new album soon?? Much love and good luck with it all lovely Xoxo

  6. You look amazing, and i'm sure you sounded amazing too.