hello, 2014!!

I try to keep this blog pretty upbeat and not too overly personal, but to be honest with you, dear readers, 2013 wasn't the best year I've ever had. It's in the not so great times though, that you tend to learn how bloody amazing your friends and family are, how strong you are, and what things you need to prioritise in your life so that you can be happy, healthy and fulfilled. I feel like last year was a year of figuring some of that stuff out, and so it is with a deep sense of joy, gratitude, excitement and energy that I look forward to plotting and planning what I'll get up to this year!!

I have only one real resolution, which is a Healthy Mezz. 2014 will be the year of prioritising exercise, eating (or perhaps not eating) certain foods, seeking help when I need, deep breathing to calm a stressed out mind and lots of other things....  My physical, mental and emotional health is my number one priority this year, and I am totally unapologetic about it!

However, I'd be lying if I didn't say I wasn't excited about heaps of other things this year too! So here are some of the hopes/goals/dreams I hold for 2014

-Record and release a 5 track acoustic EP (We have started recording already)
-Start an all female band!!
-Keep our home less cluttered
-Say positive things
-Don't put off the things that just need to be done
-Spend more "fun" time with my kids
-Sew a couple of dresses for myself
-Go get the new new tattoos on my wish list
-Lose the fear of sharing my music with the world and just totally GO FOR IT!
-Craft with friends regularly
-Plan the most perfect party for my 30th!
-Spend lots of time with my wonderful friends
-Start planning a trip back to the UK
-Do something special with Mr Coleman to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary!!
-Make my bed everyday
-Fill my home with fresh flowers
-Continue to care for Asylum Seekers in our community and voice my concerns about the way they are treated in this country
-Keep working with my inspiring and lovely sister in law Taz on our handmade crafty zine "Hundreds and Thousands." This project was a true life giver for me in amongst a bunch of crappity crap crap, and the response we have had from our readers has been totally overwhelming, so I'm pretty sure we are onto a  good thing!!

Linking in with one of my all time favourite blog Her Library Adventures...

What are your hopes for the new year??

Mezz xo


  1. Happy New Year Mezz ... wishing you a truly wonderful one full of good times ... Bee xx

  2. Sounds like you have some great plans...look forward to seeing more of your creativity in this space.
    Happy new year. X

  3. Happy New Year! Your 2013 sounds a lot like mine, and same with the plans and dreams for this fresh year. Cheering you on! Love your blog :) xo Kat

  4. ... oh, and I got so curious about your magazine, I went ahead and bought one! Looking forward to it! :) xo Kat

  5. Definatly an inspiring list! Im looking forward to getting back into magazine making. Im not sure what my years plans are really except I want to keep busy, doing the things I love. That way there is less time to overthink and less bad moments to have to cope with. xoxoxox