Home is...

Home is..
Colour. Thrifty. Messy. Occasionally Tidy. Sanctuary. Calm. Music. Laughter. Community. Food. Creativity. Evolving. Nuts. Family.

Home is, quite simply, home. And I love that we can make it where ever we want. We don't own our home, in fact we live in an upstairs apartment of a community house run by the Salvation Army in Footscray, Melbourne. I absolutely love living here, but I can see why some people may wonder why we would choose to raise our family in a place like this.  The community house is full of other housemates, guests, programs and it even has an office for 2 employees! But I'm never going to wait until I have my "dream home" to make my space a special place for our family. That "dream home" (whatever that is) may never come.... or perhaps this is my dream home!!?? Who knows, but I do know we can make any space beautiful if it's full of love, family, creativity and joy.

What's your home like??

Mezz xo


  1. Ohhhh! Such beautiful, funny and happy pictures!
    We live in a dream home, really, because we are so lucky...
    But I agree, home ist where my love is, my son, my husband and my dog AND all my funny stuff.
    wish you a nice weekend on the other side of the world :-)

  2. Such pretty photos mezz. The garland up the top is so pretty. I think I will make one this week to pass time in this heat!xx

  3. That curtain and coat hanger in those stunning florals brought a smile to my face.
    As we've moved three times in as many years I've slowly made each house more homely as we've gone. Where we live now is my favourite. It's the smallest yet the most decorated in my floral/retro style.

  4. I can imagine why you like living there. It sounds kind of interesting and people around is good. Heather x