weekend opshopping

Nothing better than a bit of weekend opshopping! Here a few recent treasures...
floral vintage fabric and large embroidery hoops..

pretty shoes..

vintage sewing case..

shower cap (Miss 3 modelling it for you!)

floral scarf and wonderful retro inflatable hangers!!

couldn't resist this sweet apron (and Miss 3 can't resist my new shoes!)

...and very very very cute vintage wrapping paper. Someone get married so I can use it!!

Mezz x


  1. Some sweet finds.....inflatable coat hangers...scored a rare find xx

  2. More great finds Mezz, that apron reminds me of one my mum used to have and I'd forgotten all about it...:)
    Those coat hangers are so cool, love them and Miss 3 makes a great model, the shoes actually go very well with that apron.....xx

  3. That's one pretty floral sewing case. x

  4. I'm collecting a few hoops myself, don't find them very often but I'm hoping to put some fabric hoops on my wall....eventually! :) x

  5. inflatable hangers! goodness! that's new to me. Thrifting is just great isn't it. Heather x

  6. Ohhhh they're all delightful finds, I would have nabbed all of them too. The wall,paper is just the sweetest.

  7. Op shopping is my favourite! You scored a bargain on those shoes - I almost treated myself to a pair earlier this year when they were 'on sale' for $95...they're so quirky! Love reading about your finds :) Fiona

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