making music and things...

Why hello creative souls!!
What have you been up to? I've been having a lovely and creative time, however I'm struggling to find the time to blog about it all! I've been sewing up a storm, op shopping, magazine making and music making!! I plan to share some of my makes and finds in blog posts soon.
Anyway, as a little side project this year, I am recording a cover song each month, as requested by my friends, followers and fans! I put the call out in January for Australian songs, and this is what I chose and came up with...

I am now taking requests for a new cover song. February can be a bit romantic, so
I am asking for favourite love songs!! I'll pick one and record soon!!

If you feel like requesting a song, please leave your suggestions as a comment below. And if you'd like to know more about my musical adventures head on over to www.mezzcoleman.com



  1. Good grief Mez, You really are something!
    You know i have a memory of jumping up and playing with Georgia Fields during a Georgia Fields and friends show at The Drunken Poet in North Melbourne way back in 2007/08ish and i'm pretty sure you were the support that night... and i remember thinking you were pretty special then but that video was just lovely... what a gorgeous, gorgeous voice you have! So easy on the ears! X

  2. That is beautiful...thanks for sharing you lovely voice. Xx

  3. Hey Mezz, looking forward to hearing you sing another cover.......my suggestion is a James Taylor song, it's my all time favourite "Shower the People".....

    Claire Xx

  4. I like this Song very much ♥
    Kerstin from the other side...