Nice Things #2

zucchinis starting to grow in our community garden...aren't they cute?
opshopped vintage towels drying on the clothes line
wearing pretty clothes and performing at Festivals! More pics and info at www.mezzcoleman.com 
a pot of tea for one (opshopped of course)
Mr Coleman finding cool things for me at his work! (he works for a wonderful organisation called Green Collect)
turning vintage sheets into head scarfs
looking at my list of dreams and goals for 2014 and thinking TICK. They are actually happening!!

What Nice Things have been happening in your life recently?


  1. Great to see lots of nice things happening at yours Mezz........
    Nice to be ticking off your goals too, good luck with them.
    Lots of great stuff happening here but mostly enjoying the cooler temps and
    the hint of Autumn around.......

    Have a great weekend,

    Claire Xx

  2. Love your style. Love your posts. Love your ticks.

  3. Wow what a list Mezz. So good that you are ticking things off. I find it so hard to keep the balance. i am enjoying your blog.

  4. Gorgeous nice things Mezz ... I especially love your tins behind the little tea for one ... just lovely ... Bee xx

  5. Looks like life is in a really good zone for you right now, so lovely to see. Fab pics! xoxo