Nice things #4

The most beautiful ever handmade card made and given to me by Claire aka Sweet Birdy Love

A rose bud starting to bloom..

paper doilies and inspirational words!

the weather is coolong, time for slow cooked meals!

my handmade t shirt quilt and a bunch of thrifted cushion covers on our cosy couch.

What Nice Things have you noticed in your world recently?? 



  1. Your lounge looks very comfy and welcoming.
    And wow, the handmade card is stunning.
    Nice things in my world at the moment are walks into town for coffees in the sunshine with my love; sewing a new dress; and picking seeds to plant for winter.

  2. Nice to have a peek at your handmade t-shirt quilt, I have been saving up my sons old t-shirts for a while now. Some of them are really cool and I have been debating whether I will go ahead and make a quilt! That's a lovely handmade card too and the stew is inspiring! happy easter, Heather x

  3. Oh how lucky to have your own piece of " sweet birdie love".
    Our slow cooker is also going theses days too. Xxxxx

  4. Lovely ... it's a great idea to take stock of nice things making us happy ... Bee xx

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