Nice things #6

Bringing out all the winter bedding! The darker colours and woolie blankets help me embrace the cooler months ahead.
My husbands new music and cool cover art. Have a listen here. 
Changing things around on my dresser. Loving the combo of vintage tins, sewing baskets and funny family photos!!
Fake flowers! They never die!!!!
A wonderful, wonderful book! (But more on this in another post soon!)

What nice things are you noticing in your world??

Mezz x


  1. Ohhh I love. Is that a printers tray or small shadow box thingy you have brooches displayed in? What a fab idea for displaying a collection.

  2. You're getting all cosy and were all gearing up for the warmer weather! Love all your colours, me I'm noticing how good it feels to freshen up your home, oh and my fabulous rocking chair! :) x

  3. Loving the colour of autumn...sitting in my upstairs room with a cuppa and a good book now the cooler weather is here (too hot up there in summer!)...sun streaming in the front windows...green grass after the brown of summer...green shoots appearing where I recently planted bulbs...cyclamen leaves and therefore the promise of beautiful coloured flowers in what looked like a pot of nothing (I watered in faith!!!)...the faces of my beautiful grandchildren xo

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