Simple Beauty (my new 52 week project)

Simple Beauty Week 1/52- Our new lavender plant growing, flowering and smelling divine on this sunny summer's day.

One of my greatest joys last year was searching for and finding beauty wherever I went, often capturing photos along the way. It's so easy to find beauty once you begin opening your eyes to it, don't you think? Whether it's in a sunset, a handshake, a flower or conversation, beauty is all around, and its so important to acknowledge these little moments. So each Friday this year I intend to post a photo capturing a moment of Simple Beauty from my week.

I invite you to join me as well.  Label your blog post "Simple Beauty" marking whatever week we are up to (such as 1/52) and share a pic. Feel free to link back to my blog, but don't feel you have to. How easy and fun is that!!?

Mezz xx


  1. Happy New year...Lovely idea look forward to seeing the beauty you find. x

  2. I won't join in because you will know from my blog that I already have a Friday thing going on, but I look forward to seeing your lovely things each week! xx

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  4. I have just found your blog. Hello! Love the simple beauty idea. Chrissyx

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