This past week....growing and making.

This past week....
I picked flowers and apples in my mum's gorgeous backyard...
 ...breathed a sigh of relief along with the rest of Melbourne when the cool change arrived after 2 days of 40+ degree heat...
....culled and reorganised my craft stash (upcycled milk crates make the best shelves by the way!)..
...upcycled a vintage children's doona cover into a new-for-me dress..
...and enjoyed picking teeny tiny tomatoes from our teeny tiny urban garden!

What did you get up to? We have had a slow, sun filled, creative and restful start to the new year, and I certainly hope you have as well! (or snowy and cosy, if you are in the Northern part of the world!)  Mezz x


  1. Glad that our garden brings you joy....weeds and all, I love it too and today there were 9 of us sitting under the tree relaxing in it's shade. I love January!!! (except those really hot days...) xo

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