30 goals for 2015!

Hi gang! Happy New Year!

Once again I am writing a list of 30 personal goals for the year, inspired by the lovely Sophie (aka Her Library Adventures.) I have spent the last few months ditching a lot of the lists that seemed to be taking over my life (you can read more about that here) but I have decided this list is a little different. Sitting down to reflect on the things I want to do, and more importantly who I want to be is such an invigorating way to begin a new year. I look forward not so much to "ticking things off" this list, but letting it guide me through my year. Some of my goals are simple while others are pretty huge, so I'm choosing to be relaxed about it and just enjoy the incredible journey that I hope 2015 to be.

My 30 Goals for 2015...
1.  Go fruit picking with the kids.
2.  Decorate and clean our home guided by the seasons.
3.  Blog regularly
4.  Listen well, and think before I speak.
5.  Do small amounts of housework, often.
6.  Do a beginners Yoga class.
7.  Ride my bike locally whenever possible.
8.  Grow my hair.
9.  Get my new tattoo.
10. Wear a touch of vintage style each day.
11. Make my own homemade skin and beauty products.
12. Release and launch my EP.
13. Play some fun gigs.
14. Record a lovely Christmas album.
15. Embrace early mornings.
16. Discover more about the Luna cycle.
17. Reduce my screen time.
18. Finish reading the Harry Potter series.
19. Read a Jane Austin novel.
20. Cull and reorganise my craft stash and space.
21. Get a piano, and teach vocal students from home.
22. Try a new recipe each month.
23. Be frugal and organised with our finances.
24. Drink lots of water each day.
25. See some live comedy.
26. Make clothes for myself and my family.
27. Give up something significant during Lent.
28. Practice mindfulness daily.
29. Go for picnics, discover the outdoors, sit under trees.
30. Live a life of creativity, simplicity, handmade, thriftiness and love.
I am really looking forward to blogging more regularly again this year, and sharing how I'm going with my goals every now and then. If you're interested, you can see my 2014 goals in the post below. And most importantly, feel free to join in and come up with a list of your own 30 goals and dreams for this year! Please visit Sophie's blog and let her know if you join in!!
Here's to a wonderful New Year!!
Mezz xoxo


  1. Happy New Year and best wishes with all your goals! xx

  2. I loved reading your list of goals. We have a few of the same too. x

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