The Artist

Mr Coleman and I celebrated our 8th Wedding Anniversary a few days ago. Life has been getting pretty full on recently, so it nearly passed us by without much of a thought. But I think it's important amongst the craziness to stop what you're doing and take a bit of time out for yourself, so we managed to pop off to the movies once the kids were asleep. (thanks Uncle John for babysitting!)

We ventured off to the lovely art deco Sun Theatre in Yarraville, which is pretty local for us and one of my favourite places to see films. If you're in the Melbourne area and have not yet been there, treat yourself. You can check out their website here. We hadn't checked what was showing online, but luckily for me a film I'd been hoping to see was on, woohoo! "The Artist" has intrigued me since first hearing about it a month or so ago: a black and white silent film set in the 20's, made in the now, nominated for heaps of awards and getting the big yes from everybody!
I absolutely loved it. The main actor (Jean Dujardin) was just so old school, I felt like I was watching Gene Kelly. I never once found myself thinking "oh come on, turn the sound up, i want to hear what he's saying, damn it!" The music was incredible. It told the story so well. The few times sound was used it was so powerful it took my breath away!

Everything about "The Artist" was charmimg: the characters, the music, the style. If you're like me and enjoy a bit of vintage and a bit of music, i think you might like it too!

Seen any good films recently?

Mezz xo


  1. YES i have. I really liked Hugo. Really loved it. I think it also won a few awards.

  2. i'd love to see hugo, i have heard good things about it. im not sure if it's still on at the movies, perhaps i'll wait till its out on dvd!! (trips to the movies dont happen to often for us!)