New cushion

I just finished reading Whitney Otto's novel "How to Make an American Quilt." I'm no quilter, but felt really inspired by the story. Like the women in the book, I decided to make something out of all the little bits of old scrap material I had lying around, as women from all over the world have been doing for such a long time. (Amazing how recycling and being thrifty is a pretty cool thing to do these days, but people have been doing it forever!)

So with Coleman Jnr at his first day of school, and Little Miss Coleman sound alseep, I've had a few hours to myself (woohoo!) and used that time to whip up my new cushion cover, made from some of my fabric leftovers.

Some of the material used include: An old skirt, an old dress, a few old shirts, aprons, and a few old pillowcases.

What crafting have you been up to recently? I'd love to know!



  1. found your blog via "meet me at mike's".....i have been sewing recently....a boy doll & a small penguin, both from op- shop finds.
    love the colours in the cushion cover.

  2. thanks Raylee! I'd love to see pics of your doll and penguin. Isn't op shopping just the best!? Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again! xo