Last year I decided to learn to knit. My mother in-law taught me how to do a basic knit stitch (there were a few very humorous attempts at this before I got the hang of it!) and then my mum showed me how to follow a simple pattern. Last winter I mastered the "art" of knitting scarves and simple booties. I did not become a great knitter, but really enjoyed the repetitive nature of it, and found knitting in the evening very therapeutic (much like hand sewing.)

After much practice, I can now do a slip knot, cast on, knit, and cast off ALL BY MYSELF. Impressive, right?

My mothers got me going (thanks, ladies!), but there are still too many skills that I have been lacking to knit some if the things I'd like. So this year I intended to learn a few more skills, in particular:

Knitting purl (and therefore, being able to do a whole bunch of new stitches!)
Adding in different colours/new wool

For an experienced knitter, I'm sure these sound very easy, but for a novice they are quite daunting, but I am determined!

So I thought I’d share with you my secret weapon for "Operation Learn how to Knit "- a knitting book for kids! This book is unreal (and pretty darn retro!) Picked up for 10c at a local church fete last year, I hoped my kids would enjoy this book one day. Little did I know what an invaluable tool it would be for me. With very simple instructions and patterns, this is a great place for someone like me to start.

I have recently perfected (that word might be too strong!!?) my "purl stitch" (thanks you tube!) and am now working on my first knitting project for the year: a bright orange oven mitt! While I have no great hopes for how this will turn out, I'll keep you posted on how it's going. I promise I'll share my disasters as well as triumphs!

So far so good!(ish)



  1. I love to knit! My mom taught me when I was younger and now we both love it. :)

    1. thanks shannon! i visited your blog today, looks like you're enjoying some wonderful food! yum!

  2. Great blog Mezz (Joy)

  3. Hey Mezz, after talking with you today about moss stitch, rib etc etc., just thought I'd try once again to make a comment (in my own right!!!) and see if it gets up. A big hooray for me if it does! I'm really glad the weather is cool enough for me to start knitting for our latest addition to the family...sooooo exciting. Love, mum xo