Good Music for Crafting....

I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite albums/songs/artists/styles to listen to while spotting a bit of craft. Some of these have been on repeat in our house over the summer!!

Gospel music for a bit of crochet. My lovely sister in law Ash came round last Friday while both our little Jnrs were off at school. We had lots of cups of tea and Ash taught me how to crochet granny squares. She is a wonderfully crafty lady, with a particular knack for yarn and I had a lovely day listening to the Blind Alabama Boys and Mahalia Jackson while Ash gave me a Crochet 101 lesson. Nice.
Kate Bush. Our 5 nearly 6 year old little man is a very quirky character. He has many interests typical for a boy his age such as trains, space and dinosaurs... he also loves sewing his own soft toys (yes, true!!) and listening to Kate Bush on repeat ALL. THE. TIME. So when we are making and sewing with Coleman Jnr, the incredible Kate Bush always provides the soundtrack.
Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald duets for oh my goodness hubby is at work, one kid is at school, the other is asleep I have the house to myself this is amazing I’m going to sew moments. This happens rarely, so you really need to treat yourself to an awesome accompaniment. Louis Armstrong’s charming vocals on "The Nearness of you" will make you want to sew something bright and cheerful that will put a smile on anyone's face. Perhaps a string of party bunting? A soft toy? An apron?
To Survive (Joan as Policewoman.) This is such an amazing album. Not only is this incredibly talented woman Jeff Buckley's ex (so she must be cool, right!?) she is a super dooper songwriter and singer. If you want unique, here it is. I like to listen to this album when I'm sewing at the machine, perhaps something useful like clothes, lunch bags and wraps or storage solutions. I don't know why.
Abby Road (The Beatles) This is what you want when you are at the beginning of a new project. You know, when you are still excited about it, before you've majorly stuffed anything up and feel like screaming. I like a bit of Abby Road while I’m sitting on the floor and measuring, cutting and pinning. The optimism of George Harrison’s “Here Comes the Sun" makes me believe at least for a while that whatever it is I'm working on is going to be great!

I hope this list provides you with a bit of inspiration to combine your crafting with some musical appreciation.

What do you like to listen to when you get your craft on!!?



  1. hi mezz,

    if the blind alabama boys are the same as the blind boys from alabama, then YES, i love them too! I have a very special cd of theirs as well as some live dvd and they and their singing melt my heart! i need to get my craft cap on, sleeping is my craft at the moment, but ive got so many ideas and things i want to do so really hope to get my energys back! My latesy and very quick craft project ws typing the love chapter (yes popular, overused, but i love it) onto pretty fabric, then framing it with pretty lace and hanging it up cos its something i want to be reminded of! anyway, hope to see you soon! xx

  2. hi taz...oops you're right, they are the blind boys from alabama, not the blind alabama boys!!!! id love to see your most recent project, sounds cute xoxo

  3. Hey! I get a mention! Nice! :)

    And a great big YES to all the music choices. I thoroughly enjoyed our little crochet session and am concocting a brilliant scheme to do some yarn bombing of a space we all know, love and spend a lot of time.. (ie. your home)... Thoughts?