Ten Dollars well spent...

We visited our local Op Shop this morning. I love this place because there is nothing hip or cool about it. Just some very sweet ladies and gents from the local church volunteering there time and selling whatever the locals bring in. No jacked up prices as soon as anything looks slightly "vintage."

Todays for ten bucks we found...

Shoes for the kids

A shirt for me

Quite a few meters of this seriously cute Holly Hobby material

a nice plate

And topped it off with a jar of homemade Apricot Jam, made by one of the locals.

I'm looking forward to getting creative with the material and enjoying some of that jam on toast with butter..mmmmmmmmmm........



  1. love the Holly Hobby...I did an embroidery of that image when I was a teenager...wonder what happened to it??...good score...

  2. yes, i couldn't beleive it when i saw it sitting in a pile on the floor!! think i paid $2 and got a large amount of material. im thinking of making something special for my daughter with it, but havent decided what yet!