Getting through the heat one stitch at a time...

Two Fridays ago, on March 1st, I welcomed the season of autumn with much happiness. The air cooled, the sky darkened, and after a VERY HOT summer, the promise of autumn and a cool change brought much excitement to my life!!

And then....it got hot. Real hot. Again. It's been 30+ degrees here in Melbourne everyday since the 1st of March, and I'm pretty sure that today has hit 38. Apparently this month has been "record breaking"- not a record that I'm too excited about! And certainly not my idea of autumn. No. This is not the kind of weather that makes one want to sip hot chocolates, watch the footy, wear hand knitted scarf’s and hats and one's favourite tights. I am sooooo looking forward to all these things, and even though I know the cool change will eventually come, I am getting a little impatient, Mother Nature, if you haven’t already noticed!!!!

To convince myself that it really is autumn and that all will be well, I have been crocheting up a storm. There is something very comforting and cozy about getting the kids to bed, and then snuggling up on the couch with your beloved, having a cup of tea, popping on a DVD (or watching Midsomer Murder's on the ABC if you're like us!) and getting the wool and crochet hook out. Even if you need to use your ancient old airconditioner to create the autumnal and cozy illusion.

I have been playing around with double crochet (previously only knowing how to do a chain and treble stitch) and these two little wrist bands are the result.

I'm still going hard on my granny squares, hoping to put them together into a huge crocheted blanket...(anyone out there happen to know how many granny squares I’ll need to make a queen size blanket!?)

And here are the little circles I shared with you a few weeks back. Some of my lovely readers suggested I turn them into a garland, so that's exactly what I've done. Currently it's decorating the piano in our downstairs/communal part of the community house we live in.

By the way, don't you just love the beautiful Cross on our piano painted by Australian Indigenous artist, Safina Fergi (Country: Mabuiag Island, Torres Strait and Wuthathi Country, Queensland.) You can learn a bit more about Safina and enjoy more of her beautiful art at her website.

Happy Autumn Aussies and Kiwis, and all of us “down under”….and Happy Spring to my Northern Hemisphere friends!!

Here's to a cool change SOON!

Mezz x


  1. Hi Mezz, I'm very impressed with your crochet prowess (almost rhymes that!). The wristbands are mighty cute as is the garland. Yay for the blankie- it's going to look fabulous when it's finished. Good on ya, Mezz. Btw, it's freezing cold here in London. I'm almost jealous of your 30 degree plus heat. xx

  2. thanks for the love!im soooo into crochet at the mo..such fun! i think im jealous if ur freezing uk weather...maybe we cld swap?!

  3. Woman after my own heart...I am sooooo looking forward to finishing the knitting I began when I THOUGHT the weather was cooling down! xo

  4. I second that....bring on the cooler weather and make it soon I say. xxx
    Love that crocheting by the way. x

  5. Loving your fabulous projects and your blanket is coming along well. Your little garland is so cute too.

    I am sick of the freezing cold weather here in the UK and cannot wait for the spring to start properly. Go away pesky snow!

  6. hi mezz, you have been busy! not sure how many squares you will need......i'm thinking a lot!!
    we look forward to any little bit of sun we can get, queenslanders are over the rain.

  7. Yeh I'm struggling with the heat and dry here but I dunno how you aussies do it!!!
    Lovely crochet. I love autumn too
    (when it comes!!)

  8. rain.cool breeze.doona on the couch.autumn has happened at last!

  9. How I enjoyed wrapping myself in my "Snuggle with me" blanket. It's so warm and comforting. And the knitting needles can at last start clicking! xo

  10. can't wait to see wot ur knitting! bring on the cool months ahead!