Do you love making, giving and recieving homemade cards!!??

I do!!

I was feeling very inspired tonight. I have recently joined up for my first ever bloggerswapthingamejiggy thingy...hmmm….it might have a more formal name the that!!??  The swap is simple. It's called the #PostCircle, and has been put together by the brilliant Anna (the writer of a lovely blog called Miss Beatrix) Participant have been put into groups, and these groups will post little bits of loveliness to each other. Nice.

Anyway...the swap has me all excited for making cards again! Hooray!

So with new friends moving back into the neighbourhood, a lovely little man turning 2 this week, and the post swap to think about, I raided my stash of collected magazine and card pics.....
(yes, I obsessively cut out and keep anything cute/sweet/funny that I find and have a dangerously growing collection of..."paper crap," as Mr. Coleman occasionally puts it-lovingly, of course.)

I then got out my beloved wooden alphabet stamps…
(realising that due to my lack of tidyness, I am now missing an "m" and a "u"...grrr..)

....and got making....

I then remembered that there is nothing nicer EVER then receiving a handwritten thank you note (rarely happens, but when it does….what joy!) so decided to make up a stash of "thanks" cards too, for when the need arises.

Hooray for the handwritten note! May it have a comeback this year!!!

Mezz xx


  1. Lovely cards Mezz ... I'm doing Post Circle too ... really looking forward to some happy mail ... Bee xx

  2. These are lovely, yes I do love making my own but don't make enough! :) x

  3. love your cards :) we made our own Christmas cards last year. i have recently bought a book of 'happy animal time' postcards by J.Terada and a set of 'paper doll parade' notecards to use for letters (i liked them too much, i had to buy a 2nd set before i could bear to part with any of them, lol). after reading your post i have decided to use some of my vintage bird pics and turn them into Easter cards. i like your idea of making a batch of cards so they are ready to go. funnily enough, now i am thinking about busting through pretty pics and books to cut stash, i actually just want to hunt down some more... (if that makes sense???) xo

  4. yes i know the feeling!once ur on the hunt for cute pics, it never ends!i love ur easter idea....which reminds me, i havent even thought about easter yet!....xx

  5. Oh I wish I had seen that swap...how fun nothing like snail mail to make your day brighter. Your cards are a great idea...something we don't do enough of these days. xxx

  6. Wow - your cards are fantastic Mezz! I love your collection of 'paper crap' too LOL :) Eyeing up the alphabet stamps there - they give such a cool effect to the cards :D

    Would love to try a swap sometime . . .
    Alison xx

    1. yes,this is the first swap ive ever been involved with...dont know how id go organising one myself! but looking forward to seeing how this goes...

  7. You are a talented card maker! Love thinking about post whizzing all over the globe (I'm actually imagining paper aeroplanes!) x

  8. Hi Mezz, just thought I'd let you know that a little #PostCircle letter is on its way to you :-) do let me know when it arrives!

  9. hi theresa,very exciting! cant wait.