2013= double the Fete fun!!!!!!

My happiness doubled over the weekend. Quite literally.

Mr. Coleman and I, along with my brother Pete and Sister-in-law Taz (aka Butter and Buntings) all live in the wonderful city of Melbourne, Australia. We live west of the city, and they are east. For the past two years we have met up nearly each weekend in Spring, and visited different places all over our great town to enjoy spring Fetes and Fairs put on by schools, churches and community groups. Oh, how I love Fetes. I've blogged about them before, I know. But really, is there anything better then spending the arvo rummaging through Trash and Treasure, second hand books, craft, and home made preserve stalls....and then stopping to enjoy a Devonshire tea or a sausage sizzle for lunch?  What's best, it's all in the one place for ridiculously low prices and to top it off, there is always a lovely community atmosphere!! It 's a great way for us to see plenty of Pete and Taz and their little man Percy, even though we live at opposite ends of town.

So. Get this. I never realised until a few days ago that there are just as many Autumn fetes held during the year as there are Spring fetes. Yes, you heard me. Rather then wait till this coming September to get started on my fete hopping, it's starting RIGHT NOW. Holy crap, I'm excited!

I've always enjoyed the three months of Spring and all it has to offer, but now I am going to live in a constant state of  Fete and Fair delight for 6 months out of the year. Woop.

On Saturday we ventured out east to Chatham Primary School's Annual Autumn Fete. (Pete and Taz couldn't join us this week...but no worry Taz, there'll be plenty more!!!!)

Here I found:

mini clogs ($1.50)

a colourful and spotty oil cloth bag ($2.00)

really cute pants for my little nephew ($2.00)

homemade jam and chutney ($6.00 for the both of them)

these lovely children's books ($1.50 for the three books)

matching cups and jug ($4.00)

and a plasic vintage clock ($2.00)

Welcome Autumn!! I'm so very excited to see you!

(Happy Spring to my UK readers!)



  1. ooh, my fave is the spotty bag. i haven't been to a fete in an age-now i must scour the newspaper ads and FIND ONE ASAP!!!

  2. yes! definitely do it.such loveliness and merriment and thrifting to be enjoyed!

  3. What a lovely idea, bet you have some great times together! :) x

  4. I lobe fetes too! How do you find out where and when they are on?

  5. hi suz, i have sent a link with melb fetes info via a comment on ur blog. mezz x

  6. Mezz, looks/sounds like you had a ball. Very excited for the fete season starting so early in the year. Got one im planning on going to in two weeks. Will msg you more details. xxx

  7. What a super fun way to spend a Saturday...great finds. xx

  8. Love all your finds, especially the little clogs. What are you going to do with them?

    1. good question....i have no idea what to do with them yet! any suggestions.??

  9. Great finds Mezz, lovin' that clock and the oil cloth bag........
    Sounds like you're in for months of Fete fun.
    You're spoilt for choice in Melbourne.

    Claire x