help! me! Please!!

Hi lovely, wonderful, sweet, good looking, clever, creative blogging friends!!

Feeling special!!?? good. You are!!

I am being extra lovely and sucking up a little bit......because I am having a big technophobe freak out and am I need of some TLC and advice.

I keep reading all of your posts about the "reading list" on Blogger disappearing real soon. Augh. I have only just figured that out, and thought it was the best thing ever, so am feeling pretty sad about that, and confused about what to do next.

How are you dealing with this change? How are you going to invite Followers to join your blog now? I've seen a few people mention Bloglovin, but I haven't quite got my head around it and am not sure what it is and how to go about adding it.

Sorry for the shout out, but if you are in any position to reply with some ideas/info/love that would be awesome!

Thanks friends! I love the way this crafty diy blogging community help each other.

Mezz x


  1. Jump over here...www.bloglovin.com
    follow the prompts for a free sign up and then you can transfer your Google reader list straight over if you have one. You will need to claim you blog, again follow the steps..... and then people can follow you via that . Hope that helps a little . xx

  2. I have no idea what your talking about and now Im worried. Do I need to do something do I?

    1. hi taz, yes you sound as horrified as I am. we will have to hold each other's hands...yeah according to the word out there the reading list will go soon, so everybody is joining up to "bloglovin'" to do all their blog following...I haven't got my head around it quite yet, but am planning to attack it this week. will let you know how I go! xx

    2. It's really simple. The only thing thats changing is google reader on blogger is going away. So the only thing it effects is the way people follow your blog and read it.
      So for instance Mezz, you have your little followers thing where people can join your blog via GFC. You also have your thing where people can subscribe to your posts. When they subscribe to your posts they do it in their own reader, whichever one they choose and that won't be affected. If they choose to follow you via GFC, they will still be part of your followers, but will no longer be able to see your posts on the blogger home page and that way.
      Bloglovin is just giving your readers another way to follow you. It is a really simple website which just keeps you updated on your blogs youre reading. It's really easy to join and it's really easy to follow blogs on it. For instance Mezz, you don't have bloglovin but I follow your blog on it because it just tracks your blog.
      Tazz, you also have the option of people following you via email which lots of people do as well. It's pretty much about giving people a way to follow your blog and stay up to date with your posts.

      Hope this has helped :)

    3. sAm!! Thankyou!! you're like, some sort of computer genius!! Thanks for breaking it down and explaining it to me....I was becoming a bit of technophobic freakazoid until you showed up!!

      much love xxx

  3. Well I've just gone and signed up with bloglovin........no idea what this all means, think I might need to put this on my blog now but really not sure! When I've figured it out ill let you know! :) x

  4. ok thanks friends...it looks like i'll head over to bloglovin soon and sign up and see what happens!


  5. feedly is looking pretty good too. Give it a try. I've yet to sign up for bloglovin, but had a bit of a look around earlier today.

  6. Hey Mezz i love flowers. What is all about Bloglovin? i didn't get it yet?

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