More op shopping, more music, more fun!

I've had a lovely week. The cool change has finally come...it is autumn! Hooray! This week we welcomed Mr. Coleman's folks back to Melbourne after they've been living overseas for the past 5 years, I recieved some lovely news from beloved family members who live on the other side of the world,  did a lot of Op Shopping, a lot of crocheting.... and even got to perform a whole bunch of my new songs to a lovely and appreciative audience.

I hope you've had a good week too?!

Anyway, here are my latest goods, all found at local Op shops. All very cheap too!

Someone has crocheted this cushion cover..I just need to decide which side I like best...the pink or the cream...thoughts?
Big. Red. Plastic.Buttons.
Sweet pot holder to add to my growing collection.
This old hard case to carry all my cords and leads for the keyboard and eukele to gigs.
Anyone else a Nikki Gemmell fan?
Dresses! Yes, I probably don't need this many new dresses. I did recently "spring clean" and get rid of a whole bunch of old clothes though, so not feeling too guilty!!
Some pretty scarfs to hide my bad hair days (which occur quite often)
Another handmade cushion cover. Mr. Coleman bought this one. For 20c.
A metal ice tray...I've been hoping to buy one for a while!
And here is my new favourite dress. Vintage.  $8. yes!

I popped this dress on yesterday and headed up to the hills to play a set of my newest songs for some lovely people who were attending a conference called Surrender, which is run by my friends. My brother Pete joined me (he is the hubby, by the way, of Taz who writes the sweet blog Butter and Buntings) and I think it went well.

If you are keen to hear my songs, my album from 2010 "Parts of You, Parts of Me" is available to download (and you name the price!!!) at www.mezzcoleman.bandcamp.com . Please go and have a listen, I don't even mind if you download for free, I just want people to enjoy the music! And if you like what you hear, please feel free to spread the word. Similarly to the handmade and craft world (which I've fallen head over heels in love with this past year by the way) unsigned indie artists such as myself rely on the good support, love and word of mouth of our listeners to get our stuff out there!

I have started recording new music too, and will be sharing during the year.Hooruh!

Love to all. Have a fabulous and creative week!

Mezz xx


  1. Yesterday was fun wasn't it :) And tell Baz his photos have come up a treat.
    Pete (butter and buntings husband)

  2. shall do! thanks for pooping by, mr butter and buntings!

  3. make that popping by...not, err...pooping !!

  4. Love your dress ready for the gig....so many great finds you have had.
    All the best with getting your album out there. xxx

  5. It was fabulous to hear you sing again yesterday! Great op shop finds too..i like the cream side of the crochet cushion cover. I love this cooler weather too...perfect for a cup of tea and craft! Lets arrange this soon..xxx

  6. I like the cream side too Mezz. I also like Mr Coleman's twenty cent one v.much. I love your typo. I like the way you wear a headscarf - I just look like Saddie (the cleaning lady) when I wear them, not good. I am a little bit jealous of that ice block tray (such a part of my childhood). Now I am going to poop over and listen to you music x

  7. Thank goodness for Autumn!! Mind you it's still 35 degree here today but at least the nights are cooler. In our town we had 2 days below 30 degrees in Feb and 3 in Jan. We are well over the hot weather. I have already bought all my woolen blankets out to the loungeroom and done the kids' seasonal wardrobe sort in anticipation!!!
    I just love seeing all your op shop finds! I am pumped to do some Melbourne opshopping this week :):)
    Looking fwd very much to seeing you all xxx

  8. Mezz, love your vintage style! Those crochet finds are brill too! :) x

  9. Mezz, loving your finds and I agree with the other comments, that the cream side looks much better, and your headscarf looks fab on.

  10. Excellent finds! The dress and cream headscarf look fantastic on you.
    M xxxx

  11. thanks eveyone...i agree,cream side it is.and im glad u like the headscarf..i wear them like that alot these days.recently while in the city a busker called out to me (using her microphone!) 'you look like a washer woman...only sexy!' not sure if id agree,and it eas a bit embarassing...but secretly i did feel pretty awesome about myself that day!

  12. Tee hee...love your washer woman comment. You look great on stage in your dress!! x

  13. songs? ukelele's? it appears I've had eyes only for your op-shopping treasures so far (of which there are plenty here-especially loving your new fave vintage dress, it's a cracker, love the colours). now, i wonder if i can sneak in a quick listen before the bebe wakes up...?
    ps i was going to suggest you look like a hot hilda ogden, but i would be revealing my advanced years and making pointless england-specific cultural references if i did. on well, i just did anyway cause you do !) x

  14. Hi. I am going to spend some time getting to know you and your little bit of Blogland. The peep I have had so far is ,..... Lovely.
    Thank you for your kind moments about my little bit of Devonshire.
    Love the look. Sorry ... But what is an op shop?
    Love linda

    1. hi linda! thanks for the love!great question,in australia we call charity shops op (oppurtunity) shops....they are essentially the same thing.

      mezz x

  15. Great scores! I love a good op shop haul post! YOu're right, that dress is the shizz for sure.. Going to listen to your music now.. yay!
    have a great week.