Our Simple Easter Traditions...

I love this time of year. The weather is changing (cooling down here in Australia) the school term is over, and there's a certain level of peace here in our home. Easter is a fairly significant celebration for me and my family, I though I'd share with you the simple ways in which our family celebrates each year......

-A community meal during the week with our neighbours. A chance to catch up, reflect and eat good food together.

-Home made Hot Cross Buns (this was the first year I made these, I'll be doing it again!)

-Simple handmade decorations around our home. I crocheted some Easter Eggs using this pattern, and the kids brought home a few handmade creations from kinder and school. I also cut some beautiful Easter pics from the my new favourite British mag Pretty Nostalgic and popped them up on our front door to welcome visitors...

-Fresh flowers in the home (a nod to our northern hemisphere ancestors who celebrated Easter in Spring)

-Fish and chips on Good Friday

-We keep the chocolate thing pretty simple. This is for a few reasons. Firstly, because my kids go mental when they eat a lot of chocolate, secondly because I'm not quite convinced that mass production of chocolates is what Easter is all about, and thirdly because we are committed as a family to only buying fair-trade chocolate, which cuts out most Easter eggs! Tomorrow, we will melt up a block or two of fair trade chocolate and use Easter egg moulds (which I found a few years ago at the Op shop, of course!) to make a few little chocolate Eggs for Sunday morning. Yum. And totally enough!!

-And we will have a nice breakfast of real eggs on toast on Easter morning.

Apart from the general friend family and community catch ups and time off from school and work, that's about it for us! Whether Easter is a time to have a break, celebrate the change of seasons, or has a some spiritual significance for you, I hope it's a happy one!

How do you like to celebrate? What "traditions" do you and your loved ones have?


PS- One tradition that makes me smile is my sister in law Ash, who gets the kids new winter  PJ's every Easter!!



  1. Sounds like you have a lovely Easter planned Mezz ... hope it's a good one ... Bee xx

  2. Lovely little Easter decorations. Enjoy the Easter weekend.
    M xxx

  3. Have you ever considered carob eggs (You know who)

  4. Enjoy your very special Easter.regards linda

  5. .....and ofcourse there's the Easter egg hunt in the garden at nana and pa's. Little Master Coleman was just toddling around with his cousin the first time we had one and we had to show them where the eggs were for them to put in their baskets. They don't need help finding them any more! (Their younger siblings might need help though). It's a very precious sight and part of Easter I love....along with a 7.15 Dawn Service in a park followed by brekkie and later a celebration Service with all my Church family.xo

  6. Hey Mezz, sounds like you're going to have a lovely Easter break.......The buns you made look absolutely delicious.
    No traditions here, but there will be some chocolate consumed and time spent with family.
    Hoping to get some gardening done now that the weather has cooled.
    Enjoy the school hols....

    Claire x

    1. Thanks Claire, yes its a lovely time of year. I'm looking forward to getting out in the garden tomorrow. thanks for your email about the festival too.. I'm so glad to hear it went well! Yes, I play gigs quite a lot around town, although less so in the last 2 years as bubba number 2 came along and it all got a bit much. But i'll be playing a few more shows around town this year. I find festivals are generally much more kid friendly for performers then the late night clubs and pubs in the city..:)