My lovely bag lady...

So a few weeks ago I put the call out in blog land and elsewhere and received many suggestions on what to do with this lovely tea towel. Some ideas were to turn it into a cushion cover or apron, frame it, hang it up, and my personal favourite - dry the dishes with it!! A few people suggested turning her into a bag, which is what I did today. I'm not 100% sure that I have done the old girl justice, but none the less, I'm loving my new little bag!

I kept it simple. Just folded the tea towel in half right sides facing and sewed together, going on a slightly diagonal line to change the shape. I then made 2 strong straps using some denim from a pair of old jeans and attached.

I begun by carefully attaching the straps....

....and ended up losing my patience and not so carefully attaching the straps

Thanks for all of your suggestions! I think I'll use my new/old bag a lot! Hooruh for Upcycling!

Mezz xo

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  1. Super cute. I bet you get lots of comments when you use it.