10,000 pageview Celebration Giveaway!!!

Hi friends, it's giveaway time!! This little blog reached over 10,000 pageviews this week. Considering that when I started writing it a year ago I never expected anyone to look at it, I figure it's worth celebrating.

The motto for this blog has always been MUSIC + CRAFT = HAPPY. I think these days, I could add a third part to the equation and say MUSIC + CRAFT + THRIFTING = HAPPY...and so I've put together a little parcel of fun things that are either music, craft or thrifted to give away to a lovely reader.

The "giveaway" includes...
a handmade notebook, using recycled everything!! This lovely gift comes from the wonderful shop and organisation GreenCollect.

 a handmade paper garland using pages from this cute little golden book..
a vintage copy of one of my all time favourite reads, "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Bronte.
some cute floral fabric
some really cute hankies

A copy of my album "Parts of You, Parts of Me" (you can hear one of the songs from the album in my post below)

a copy of the first ever mini album I put out in 2007. I only have a few of these left, so you can think of this as a "limited edition" ha ha!!
All you need to do be in the running to receive this little bundle is follow me on either BLOGLOVIN or FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM, (I don't mind which) and leave a friendly comment below. The Bloglovin' and Facebook links are on the side bar, or if you are on Instagram just look for mezzcoleman. I'm happy to post anywhere in the world, so please feel free to enter whether you are in Australia or somewhere else!!

I'll pick a winner at random in 2 weeks from today (May 10th)..so please throw your hat in the ring!!



  1. Oh yay! Count me in! I'm a big fan!

  2. Hey congrats on the milestone.....love popping by for a read into your little space. Love the giveaway too. xxx

  3. Lovely giveaway Mezz. I will definatly enter. Im soo hoping to get my house sorted so I can get back into my blog, including a giveaway to celebrate one year of my blog..oh and that button swap I was going to do. Hopefully soon I will be as organised as you! xx

  4. ~Eeek Mezz, that's a lot of views. WEll done. Wow, what a fabulous giveaway. If you're happy to post to the UK I'd love to be considered. Have a fabulous weekend. xx

  5. how exciting :)congrats on the 10,000 page views! mezz makes stuff + blog updates = happy erin <3

    1. yay! now following on bloglovin' too :)

  6. Your hi Mezz, your CD is fab, we listened to it last night! I shan't enter your giveaway, I've had my beautiful, beautiful present! And it arrived just a the right moment! All will be reviewed soon! :) x

  7. Mezz Congrats on that huge number!!! add me me me...?
    I liked you all over the place, just got to add you on instagram now.....Yay! Have a nice weekend over there...

  8. Lovely idea Mezz...and congrats on 10,000 hits! People enjoy hearing positive, creative things and we certainly get that here! xo

  9. Such a great album!!

  10. Saw the lovely fabric you sent to Ada Bea and thought I'd pop over and say hello. Sarah x

  11. Ooh count me in - I follow you on Bloglovin - I'm walkthedust xxx

  12. Oooh yes please Mezz ... I would love to enter your lovely giveaway ... congratulations on your milestone ... have a lovely weekend ... Bee xx

  13. Hey! I follow you on Instagram. And I've never read Jane Eyre. Beth Locke x

  14. Hiya Mezz,
    I'm in! Love your opshoppy finds.
    I think I might need to do a giveaway soon! This is fun!!
    Nic xxx

  15. Wow.. what a generous and lovely giveaway. You are very generous! I am off to have a listen to you and would love to be included in your giveaway!! x

  16. Hey Mezz, congrats, nice to see all those zeros lining up.....always enjoy reading your posts and seeing what you've been creating or finding at the oppy's.
    Fab giveaway, I won't throw my name in as I have your fab CD and am wearing it down listening so much plus I have been fortunate enough to win a couple of giveaways recently.
    Have a great week and thanks for visiting, left a reply to your comment on my blog. Have a geat week,

    CLaire X

  17. Very generous giveaway, enjoy reading your posts

  18. Hi mezz I'm called Mezza Just found your blog on op shop finds love your pickings :)

  19. What a wonderful giveaway!! I have just started following you on ig after seeing one of your mylittle bookshelf images. I'm going to have a little look round your blog now too xxxxxx

  20. Oh almost missed the giveaway. Don't know where the last few days went. Love your blog Sarah x