our DIY film clip "Circus"

A little story about what you're about to watch...

More then 3 years ago, when we were releasing my album "Parts of you, Parts of Me" we decided it would be fun (and a good idea) to make a film clip for my single from the album, "Circus."


So.. I put on my favourite love heart t shirt and a splash of make up, my brother John and Mr. Coleman got the video recorders out and off we went!! John (bless him) did the editing and put it all together..

....and then...

...I decided I didn't like it.

I know. It sounds like a lot of mucking around for nothing, and I felt terribly guilty especially about all the hard work my brother John put into the editing, but I just decided I wasn't ready to share it with the world. I have always been very DIY about my music, but not proudly so. I saw friends and peers with seemingly much more successful and shinier music careers then mine, and I wasn't jealous, but I guess I was worried that our "back yard" job wouldn't hold up.

Well a lots changed for me musically over the past few years. I took a huge break from music and realised it was a scene that I was not enjoying. Don't get me wrong, I love music and always will, but I was finding the "music scene" I was involved with was pretty fickle, competitive, unsupportive and desperate.

I have found many other creative outlets (mostly craft related) over the past few years, and have been blown away by the crafters I have come across. The "craft scene" as I have experienced it seems to be so much more about community! It's about being as DIY and imperfect as you want to be, and crafters seem to be so kind, supportive and encouraging toward one another. We even seem to help each other out by promoting selflessly what someone else is doing-quite a new experience for me coming from the music world!!

So 3 and a bit years later, for many, many, many reasons... I am a different woman, and I see this clip differently. I love it. I'm proud of it. I want to share it!! I don't care that it wasn't professionally made, in fact I think that's why I love it! I love how many hours my brother put into it for me. I love that you can see the streets of my beloved Foostcray in the clip. I love that at one point you can see the building where our friend Eddy used to live. I love that Coleman Jnr and his cousin appear in the clip, and I love seeing how damn cute they were, but it also makes my heart sing knowing how much they've grown up since then. I love that it features my vintage yellow scooter (which I hardly ride now, as it doesn't fit a child's seat on the back...grrrr.) I love that we filmed this in our old share house we lived in with my brother John, his wife Ash and their little Molly. I even love that I was younger. We made this clip before my body ever went through the process of making baby number two, so I love seeing and thinking about how all of that has changed me too. Oh, and I still love the song.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the song and the clip. I hope you don't expect perfection, but that you get a sense of love, simplicity, joy and energy...because that's what we were brimming with when we made this! And if you like this clip, feel free to share it with your friends whether they be of the online variety or not.

Mezz  xx

PS Stay tuned later in the week for my first ever "give away". Pretty excited about it!!


  1. I love it!! I love the DIY-ish-ness of it too.. How cool of your bro to help out with that..

    Great song!

    I agree with how critical music peeps can be. WHy?! It seems that in quite a few cases 'reviewers' seem to take on the job of being a 'critic' a bit too literally. It seems wrong. I think it's a happy place when your music feels like something that you do predominantly for your own satisfaction..

  2. Thanks!! I do totally agree!! glad you enjoyed the clip xx

  3. I love it. I love you. Great to see how far you've come, in so many ways. Glad you're sharing this song, and yourself, with the world. We all need a touch of Mezz in our lives! xo

  4. thanks....yes its about time i shared this clip!

  5. Why aren't you a big superstar?
    I love this clip, your voice and your song Mez.
    Shiny's not all it's cracked up to be (but you know that already)
    Nice seeing a bit of Foot-es-cray and I love your yellow scooter x

  6. hi kylie...thnx for ur lovely words!i wouldnt mind a bit f success in my own little niche, but im not cut out for super stardom!!xx

  7. How fabulous Mezz! Love your voice - great song and a great video - you're a star!

  8. thanks heaps!nice to hear from u again xox

  9. Mezz, this is fabulous. I listen to your music all the time, it always reminds me of living in Melbourne. I've felt similarly to you about things I've created a few years ago - put heaps of work in and then changed my mind because it didn't quite fit the picture I had in my mind. But years on, I can see the beauty in them and appreciate how they reflect the person I was then and how far I've come. So YAY to both of us for that.

    And "Circus" is one of my favourite songs on the album. Now, where's the music video for my all time favourite, "Peace"?! xxx