Christmas Time all year round...

January is such a funny month. I love it and I don't all at the same time. We are full of optimism and great hope for the new year, symbolised by the making of resolutions, plans and lists. But as we pull the Christmas tree and tinsel down, we also say goodbye to another year, and recognise that the festive season is well and truly over. It's back to business.

Well, no! No, I say. Life is short, I've been reminded again of that in this past week. And good times, sad times, stress, love, pain, suffering....these are all experiences of the human condition. And that's ok. In fact, I think these ups and downs are what make up the fabric of our lives, and keep us grounded.

But I admit that pulling down the decorations this year was making me a bit sad. The bright colours, the love put into our homemade creations, the symbols of joy, hope and peace. I was missing being surrounded by all that.

So you know what? I figure, stuff it! Life can be dark, life can get sad. And while I don't intend to ignore the darkness and not so good times in my life and the lives around me, if something as small as a string of paper angels can make us smile, then surely that can only be a GOOD THING!

So this year, i resolve to decorate. Maybe the Christmas tree is down, but why should I remove all the colour and loveliness from our home? Perhaps this year we'll celebrate the changing of the seasons, or simply growing another year older. With homemade decorations like pretty strings of bunting, paper chains, kids pictures, or just some flowers from the garden, we will live our year with things around us that cause a smile.

These things aren't going to make the world a better place, but perhaps they'll make my world a bit brighter as I get back into the grind of another year.

A few simple steps....


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  1. I think this is lovely, and think its quite special for the only reason that those squares were knitted by a little old japanese lady living in Kyoto! That is special! I met her and knew i needed to bring her craft back with me to share!