Simple Sewing

I had a car accident yesterday. No, no don't worry. Mum, if you're reading this don't panic!! It was nothing too bad, a driver just happened to not see my car and a red light, go figure. The boot is a bit damaged, but other then that everyone and everything is ok.

I had both my little Coleman's with me in the back seat though, and that kind of freaked me out. They are both so precious, and I guess I felt a bit mother lion-ish and protective. When I got home I was a bit of mess.

In need of calming down, I turned to my lovely new sewing desk and sat down to make something. It had to be simple: nothing fiddly that was going to frustrate me and keep me up all night. Remembering that ages ago I had wanted to make a bag for my friends to keep their soccer bibs in I set to work, making this simple drawstring bag.

Materials used: stripy t shirt type material from the op shop, felt bought on last years trip to Taiwain, and Mr Coleman's old shoelace.

If you are new to sewing (which I certainly am), try a drawstring bag. They are super simple to make, easy to use, and with cool material look really cute. We have drawstring bags made out of recycled materials all over house: They hold everything from nappies to bibs, marbles, hairties, library books, and more. You can make little one's as gift bags or huge ones to hold your washing. Try popping a child's name or initial on a bag and filling it with goodies as a gift.

For simple directions on how to make your own, click here. I'm sorry, still too frazzled to write my own instructions!

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