One man's trash....

Thought I'd do a bit of showing off and let you in on my most recent secondhand finds. We did a spot of op shopping (by the way, since when did we start referring to this passtime as "thrifting", peoples!!? Op shopping, all the way!! Anyway, I digress...) over the weekend, mostly in the outer Western suburbs of Melbourne (the further from town you go, the better the op shop!) I have loved all things old and/or recycled for years and years, and we as a family are all pretty dedicated to sourcing most of what we need second hand. In recent years as I've become a bit more handy, I find I'm not just looking for clothes and furniture, but am also able to source most of the fabric and craft supplies I use from op shops too. Somtimes we buy important and useful things such as school unifoms, nappies, books, and kitchen items etc. Sometimes I just find little treasures that make me happy. This is what we found this past weekend:

Vinal. Two wonderful ladies from the 80's, Kate Bush and Cindy Lauper. (For those of you interested in my music, Kate Bush was a huge inspiration and influence when i was a teenager.)

Toy Sewing Book. Check out some of the amazing ideas (and amazing vintage material!)

Sewing Cabinet. Yes, I'm particularly excited about this, as I currently have to set up and pack up Mr. Janome at the kitchen table every time I feel inspired which IS A PAIN! This cute desk was generously handed down to me via friends of my parents and I can't wait to pick it up later this week.

I thought i'd save the sweetest till last. This little handmade sewing thingamejiggy which cost the whole sum of 50 cents and came with a poem handwritten and attached in the pocket!! If you can't read it, it says (in very sweet Grandma handwriting):
Hang me over the arm of a chair
Your pins and needles will always be there
Scissors and thread in the pockets will fit
So you can sew, wherever you sit

It's the simple things in life that make me happy. This little find was definatly one of them.

What little treasures have you come across recently?


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