Coleman Jnr loves cheese and bacon rolls and often requests them on a trip to (or even just near) a bakery. In desperate need of some holiday activities (because boy, does that kid need to start school!) I thought we could make our own.

Now I'm not a mum who loves cooking with the kids. I know, I know...how terrible. The fact is I'm always quite idealistic about it and can't wait to apron up the boy and get going, but once we start its all fingers in the cake mixture, sneaky sneaky with the sugar, licking everything in sight........ (and thats just me, you should see him!) I noticed recently that every time I include kids with cooking its always , ALWAYS sweet treats..cakes, cookies, etc. So I thought it was time to show Coleman Jnr that baking can be fun, yummy, and not include huge anounts of sugar and fat.

These cheese and bacon rolls were great. The dough needs to sit for a few hours, so if you're trying this with your little ones, I'd recommend going out for a play while you wait. The bread recipe I used was very easy and stolen straight from the blog page of one of my lovely and clever sister in laws, Ash. Go visit her and grab the recipe by clicking here.

Adapted to make these rolls, we rolled the dough into small balls (roughly the size of a tennis ball) topped them with greated cheese and some diced bacon. I'm not a huge bacon fan, so made myself a cheese and tomato roll. We baked them for 15 minutes.

They were a winner!!

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