Four good things

Four reasons why I'm excited about music again:

1. My brother, Pete Carr, just released his first album, "Mistaken and Misplaced." And it's good, seriously. I'm not just being a proud big sister here. I was lucky enough to record some backing vocals on a few tracks, and Pete included a lot of clever family and friends on the album, so its very homemade and DIY which is a GOOD THING! He designed the cover too, I like. I might rave about the album later in a different post, but you can hear his music here.

2. My brothers and I recorded a live track and clip for my song "North, South, East or West" last week. It was my first visit to the studio in ages, so I was a bit nervous about how we'd go. It went well, though. Once we've mixed the sound and edited the clip I'll let you all know!

3. I have recently started writing some new tunes. It's been a while.

4. Our Back Yard and Lounge Room Tour is shaping up to be fun!! I'll be sitting down next week to organise the dates and deets. If you're interested in hosting a show (and are in or near Melbourne), please contact me by emailing mezzcoleman@hotmail.com or leave a comment below by Friday the 27th Jan.


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