Could this be YOUR backyard?

It seems many of us are getting a bit sick of late nights, dirty toilets, sticky floors and insane levels of loud. I am getting less punk rock by the day...(or perhaps I'm becoming more punk rock as I embrace a more DIY attitude to all things art!?) That's why i've decided to relaunch my live shows in an environment that's heaps more family friendly, sociable and relaxed. What better way to enjoy live music then with the kids free to play, some natural light so that you can work on a bit of knitting, and your friends and neighbours over for a picnic, BBQ or even just a cup of tea?

I am currently looking for back yards and lounge rooms to perform in as part of my March/April Acoustic Tour (slash "comeback!") Rather then expect everyone to come out to the pubs and clubs to hear us play, we're keen to come to you!

The show would be "invite only" (don't worry we won't be advertising your house address in Beat magazine!) and you could host it however/whenever you like..ie, a Friday night, a Sunday afternoon. Leave a reply as a comment or email mezzcoleman@hotmail.com if you're based in or around the Melbourne area and you're interested in hosting an acoustic performance at your place!

Looking forward to it..


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  1. would love you to do a West Aussie/Northam backyard gig one day... we would put on a party if you put on a show!! One day, God willing xxxx