Happy Birthday, Mr. Non Material Girl.

It was Mr. Coleman's birthday over the weekend. Poor guy, his birthday nearly always falls on the same weekend as Mother's Day, so he has to make a fuss over me when it's his turn to be fussed over! My lovely husband is so ridiculously unmaterialistic, which is  very admirable, I know. But also incredibly annoying come birthday and Christmas time. So, WHAT do I make for a man who needs and wants nothing, when I still want to give him something homemade to celebrate his birthday!!? (Oh yeah, he's also not very sentimental, so I'm not sure if a poem or a cheesy framed photo of me and the kids would work either!)

This year I came up with a bookmark, as he usually dog ears all of his library books. Seriously, that's all I could think of! I think he likes it, although Little Miss Coleman mistook it for a hanky and blew her nose on it a soon as he had opened his gift. Nice.

To make your own crazily easy bookmark, choose a sturdy fabric, then using serrated scissors cut out your desired shape and then zig zag stich around the edges. I used bit of denim from an old pair of jeans.

Happy Birthday Honey xoxoxo

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